Art Equipment


Prismacolor-premier-soft-core-colored-pencilsWhich are the best colored pencils for artists on the market?

There are so many different colored pencils ranging from cheap imports up to the real deal.  We consider the Top 5 branded sets of colored pencils.

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rotring art pen 400 x 400 template doodlumsTop 5 of the best cartooning pens

We have road tested five pens both refillable and throwaway to see which performs the best both in the hand and quality of finish on paper…

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derwent-inktenseTop 5  rated watercolor pencils

A great combination of watercolor paint and a pencil is a formidable tool in any artists studio providing versatility and ultimate control.  We assess 5 of the top watercolor pencil sets on the market.

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Acrylic-paint-header-image5 out of the best rated acrylic paint brand sets for artists

Find out, what is acrylic paint, what is heavy body acrylic paint and which are the highest rated brands of acrylic paint sets for artists.

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Which is the best drawing board for cartoonists and graphic designers?

If you are an artist who uses good old paper, pencil and ink it is essential to have a solid phase for your artwork.  We look at a selection of high rated desk and lap top drawing boards.

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Which watercolor paper would you chose for your artwork?

Do you know the difference between cold press and hot press watercolor paper?  It makes a huge difference to how the paint reacts with the paper – all is explained here with five great recommended  paper block pads for ink and watercolors.

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5 cool pencil case /wrap designs for artists

Five smart pencil case/ wraps to store your pencils, pens and brushed – keeping them neat, easy to carry.  Displays all your artists tools so they are immediately at hand just when you need them

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pro-art-square-artist-pastel-set-72-setWhich are the best soft chalk pastels for artists including FAQ’s on chalk pastels.

We review some highly rated sets of chalk pastels and answer many of the questions you have asked.  What are chalk pastels…are they soluble and can they be mixed with other art medium such as watercolor plus many more questions answered.

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