Fineline Pens – Five Top Rated Sets for Detail, Precision and Vibrant Color

Fineline pens are a must for creating fine detail on your artwork.  I look at five sets of the top rated fineline pens that can give you that precise detail.


Best fine tip pens FINELINER COLOR SETFineliner Color Pen Set,0.38mm – ten different vibrant colors

This is a very good small set which provides fine vibrant line and detail.

The colors are bold with strong pigment and ideal for fine detail, cross hatching and are particularly useful for your journal sketches.

The ink is quick drying, does not smudge easily and is non toxic and acid free.

The pen caps fit tightly on the other end of the pen so that they are not lost during use – a great addition to your drawing -en collection for when you need that intricate detail.



Best fine tip pens MICRO LINEPlatinum Art Supplies Micro-Line  –  Pack of 16

A great little set of 11 different colors plus 5 black pens.

The colored pens are 0.25mm providing ultra thin line whoile the blacks are in a range from 0.25 to 0.5mm.

Each pen is fade and water resistent with non toxic water based ink that is smudge proof. 

Archival ink produces artwork that lasts due to its strong fade resistance.



Best fine tip pens MICRONSakura Pigma Micron Fineline Pen Artist Set – 59 Assorted Colors

With fifty nine assorted fine tip color pens at your disposal you have a large spectrum to create some fantastic designs.

The archival quality ink is built to last and is acid free and bleed/ smudge resistant. 

Each pen is loaded with a single pigment to give you absolute consistency of color.

Pens come in a range of nob size with 0.1, 0.2 and 0.3mm at your disposal.

This is a large set with consistent color, packed with quality.



Best fine tip pens BEST SMALL SETYosoo 0.3mm – 24 Assorted Colors Set

What I really like about this set is the triangular barrel which is so comfortable in hand, particularly in prolonged use.

This is a great medium set with 24 assorted vibrant colors.

Water based non toxic ink which is quick drying.

With 0.3mm nibs this set provides enogh color variation to tackle most jobs and comes wrapped in a smart storage case.


Arteza 72 Fineliner Color Pen Set

If you are looking for a wide range of color and a quality product I highly recommend this set.

0.4mm tips deliver non toxic, water based ink and can be used for artwork,  journals lettering, coloring books and much more.

Vibrant colors which are perfect for template use, stencils and rulers without bleeding or fading.

This substantial fine tip color set comes in a secure metal tin.