Refillable leather bound sketchbook – never forget an idea

rustic-ridge-refillable-distressed-leatherStay prepared to capture spontaneous ideas by keeping a refillable leather bound sketchbook nearby.  You can’t always take your laptop with you, but you can always keep a small journal in your bag or pocket. 

A leather sketchbook cover protects your creations from damage, dirt, and water.  Peel the sheets of paper out so you can scan them, and then return them for safekeeping to the sketchbook. 

Keep your laptop and expensive software at home, but express your ideas in a handsome leather bound sketchbook that travels with you.

Some of the very best cartoonists and illustrators keep libraries of their sketchbooks.  This builds up an invaluable  and very personal reference source.  One example is the talented UK childrens illustrator Lynne Chapman.  Lynne has beautifully illustrated over 30 children’s picture books and has shelves of sketchbooks for reference.  If you would like to see some examples visit lynnes Website here…

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handmade-genuine-leather-refillable-journalHandmade Genuine Leather Refillable Journal

It’ll be a cinch to keep your sketches organized with this alluring handmade leather journal.  Classic brown leather adds an air of sophistication as it holds the paper securely inside. 

The outer flap folds over and attaches to a strap that wraps around to tie shut.  Beautifully stitched edges are attractive yet durable.  A front and back pocket holds pencils and other small items. Two attached ribbon bookmarkers hold your place. 

The off-white 5×7” paper is unlined, perfect for drawing and doodling.  When your drawings fill the book, just refill it and start over.  Since the paper is removable, the journal can also be used as a reading book cover.

It’s easy to enjoy the old world vintage feel of this leather bound sketchbook as you pour your imagination into it.

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rustic-refillable-leather-sketchbookRustic Refillable Leather Bound Sketchbook

With 200 pages of 6×8” cream-colored paper, artists will love using this rustic refillable leather sketchbook. 

This is created with an eye-catching yet simplistic design.  The rustic brown color conjures images of days gone by while it beckons to artists of today.  The light-colored stitching contrasts with the journal’s darker brown. 

It stays open flat when is use without a fight.  The handmade, cotton rag, acid-free paper keeps your sketches in pristine condition.  Pens and pencils glide over the unlined and textured surface as you draw. 

A handmade leather journal that can be used for drawing, writing, coloring, and even laser engraving.  It mimics a regular book shape, so there’s no flap or thong to close it.  It fits nicely in a purse, bag, or jacket pocket.  Take it with you anywhere and everywhere.

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handmade-large-10-embossed-leather-journalHandmade Large 10″ Embossed Leather Celtic Sketchbook journal

A beautiful gift for any artist, this leather sketchbook cover stands out with its embossed cover and retro finish. 

The goatskin cover boasts The Tree of Life with vivid detail.  Celtic knots surround the Tree and line the edges in astounding complexity. On the larger side, it holds a 10 x 7” book of paper (included). 

A flap folds over the refill paper as a leather strap wraps around to close it.  The 200 pages of unlined recycled paper are perfect for writing, drawing, or sketching cartoons.  The thickness of the paper makes sketching or drawing comfortable without the worry of bleeding through the page.

When its pages are full, refill the paper, and you’re ready to go again.  The eye-catching complex design of the cover, the heavier leather, and the thick paper make this handmade leather journal a wonderful gift at an affordable price.

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9-5-x-12-large-refillable-leather-sketchbook9.5″ x 12″ Large Refillable Leather Sketchbook

This handmade refillable leather sketchbook has a wonderfully unique look. 

The distressed leather is supple with a soft cinnamon color.  What’s eye catching is the leather strap with pre-cut holes that wraps around it and secures over the flap via a metal stud closure. 

60 sheets of white 90-pound paper are acid-free and begging to be drawn or written upon.  Use front and back of each sheet to double the page count.  When you’re ready to add your drawings to your laptop, easily remove the sheet from the pack for scanning.

The journal is larger than the other leather sketchbooks, measuring 9.5×12″.  A larger workspace equals a bigger area to pen your ideas.  A pencil holder is worked into the design, and a pencil is included.

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rustic-ridge-refillable-distressed-leatherRustic Ridge Refillable Distressed Leather Travel Journal

For a more contemporary look, this leather bound sketchbook complements the business professional on the go. 

Handmade distressed leather lends an aura of ruggedness and professionalism.  The outside flap closes over the cover as a wide strap slides through a buckle enclosure. 

Containing 200 pages of handmade cream-colored paper which is acid free.  Made from cotton rag, the paper has a smooth surface conducive to both pen and pencil marks. 

The convenient size of being 6×8″ makes carrying it with you effortless.  Sleek, slim, and sexy, this leather sketchbook has a modern look that makes it fun to create and save your sketches.

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refillable leather bound sketchbookChoosing the right refillable leather Bound sketchbook

Safety, security, and usability abound when you entrust your sketches and ideas to a journal.  Leather sketchbooks are easier to carry with you than a bulky laptop.  And there’s something that ignites the creative juices when using a simple pencil and paper to express your imagination. 

By investing in a leather sketchbook cover, you can enjoy its design for years while only needing to refill its paper. 

If you enjoy a more modern feeling journal, try the Rustic Ridge Journal.  Its chic design is attractive while it works hard at protecting your every pen stroke.

Rustic Ridge is the journal that I use day in, day out.  The 200 page pad is sheer quality and a pleasure to draw and sketch with.  It is removeable (refills available) and is sturdy and thick enough for easy storage on a bookshelf.  I rate this the highest out of the five in this review as it does everything I want.

Or if you like the bold and beautiful, try the Embossed Leather Celtic Sketchbook.  With its striking Celtic cover and generously-sized paper, it could spark your creativity for hours.   

The point is to choose a journal that will allow you to write, draw, and create wherever you go at any moment.  Don’t waste those moments. Capture them while you can.