Best Mechanical Pencil for Artists and Cartoonists

best mechanical pencilsAs a professional, you want the type of result that only the best mechanical pencil can provide. Artists prefer them because they are easier to use than wooden pencils and produce higher quality results.

Drawing, illustrations, doodling, and writing sometimes require a more precise solution than regular lead. Mechanical pencils don’t require sharpening, lines are clean, and line thickness is consistent.

Lead sizes are interchangeable, they’re long lasting (which makes them eco-friendly), and they lend an air of sophistication to users. There’s no need to throw money away on cheap pencils that don’t do perform well.

By investing in a single mechanical pencil, art can be created using less effort with better results than you’d get with a regular pencil. What are the best mechanical pencils for sketching, drawing, and writing? We’ve got our five top picks below.

Pentel Mechanical Pencil 

Lead size is important because it determines line thickness and durability. Artists who draw with a heavy hand often press too hard which causes the lead to break.

And if you need thicker lines, the best mechanical pencil for drawing them would be one like this with 0.7mm lead. The lead is also retractable like a click pen.

No more holes in your shirt pocket or broken lead bouncing around the bottom of your purse. Another nice feature is the latex rubber finger grip above the tip. Having my fingers press against a soft cushion is much more comfortable than hard wood.

The best drawing pencils don’t have to cost a fortune. This is a terrific drawing tool for an extremely affordable price.

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Rotring Rapid PRO Mechanical Pencil, 0.7 mm, Matte Black 

The best drawing pencils come in a range of shapes. If you like more of a grip to your pencil, this one does away with the smooth cylindrical body and uses a hexagon shape instead.

The hexagonal shape provides some resistance to give your hand a better grip. The body is metal, and so is the slip-resistant finger grip. Its diamond-shaped knurled pattern is carefully etched into the metal.

The lead (0.7mm) is automatically sharpened as it’s fed through the casing tube. Click for a longer tip, and retract it when you’re done.

The manufacturer is so sure this is the best mechanical pencil on the market, they offer a two-year money-back guarantee.

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Uni-Ball Pipe Lock Drafting 0.5mm Pencil 

We think this is one of the best mechanical pencils for drawing and sketching because it combines the prime benefits of metal and plastic. The plastic upper body keeps it lightweight while the metal lower body gives it a weighted stability.

The 0.5mm lead is perfect for artists with a lighter touch. Lines are slimmer with this thinner lead, making it terrific for capturing fine details.

With the retractable tip, it won’t poke holes into anything. It doesn’t fully disassemble, but the tip can unscrew to let you clear out any potential lead jams.

The knurled finger grip is a permanent feature in the metal so you won’t need to buy any foam finger grips. It comes at a decent price and will last longer than dozens of wooden pencils.

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LAMY 5 mm 2000 Mechanical Pencil with Brushed Ss Clip – Joint best mechanical pencil

Mechanical pencils vary in design and price, but what about reputation? Lamy is known for creating a superior line of products that artists love.

The all-metal body has a sleek design, retractable 0.5mm lead, pocket clip, and sophisticated look.

So why do we think this could be the best mechanical pencil for sketching, drawing, or just writing a note? Aside from its chicness, it has its very own ram rod. Lead jams and residue can be quickly and easily removed by unscrewing the tip, inserting the ram rod, and voila! Good as new.

The cost could be considered high, but think of all the money you’ll save as you use the same pencil year after year. It comes with an elegant presentation box with the Lamy logo emblazoned on the lid.

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Penac TLG-205 0.5 mm – joint best mechanical pencil 

Penac TLG-205 0.5 mm automatic mechanical pencil
Why should an artist use a mechanical pencil? Art is made of lines and contours that don’t always show up that well with a regular wooden pencil. If you plan to sketch on the go, you need a writing tool that can endure movement without breaking the lead.

You’re in luck. Penac has added an internal layer of cushioning to make the 0.5mm lead practically break resistant. The smooth metal body leads to an ergonomic rubber finger grip.

A silver clip secures it to your shirt pocket or sketch pad while the retractable lead stops accidental poking.

We added this as one of our best drawing pencils because it’s durable, produces great artistic results, and its simple design makes it worth the price.

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best mechanical pencil for artistsWhat’s the best mechanical pencil an artist can use?
Artists want to draw, not battle with their drawing tools. Using mechanical pencils instead of their wooden counterparts can make drawing fun again. Lessen hand fatigue, get consistent lines, produce better results, and save a few trees by switching from wood to mechanical.

The most inexpensive on our list is the Pentel. Nothing about it is cheap except the price. Functional and attractive, you’ll get outstanding results and a happy wallet.

If you have a bigger budget, the Lamy is a fantastic choice. Precision lines, included cleaning tool, and professional-looking gift box put this at the top of our list.

The best mechanical pencil should have a comfy feel, produce clean lines, and be environmentally friendly. Help save the forests by avoiding wooden pencils. One mechanical pencil can replace hundreds of wooden ones during its lifetime. Save trees. Save money. And draw your heart out.

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