How does SquareTrade workWhat does SquareTrade cover and is it worth it?

Do you need a protection plan for your electrical devices? It bumps up the price of your initial purchase – is it really worth it? It’s a tough call to make as plans are often viewed as expensive and non-essential. Accidents can be avoided, right and the chances of mishaps are remote?

The fact is – Accidental damage is a possibility no matter how careful you are. Common mishaps such as dropped cellphones, children and pets getting hold of devices  and device failure just out of warranty? SquareTrade Protection Plans claim to take the pain out of these unthinkable scenarios. Let’s dive in and see if it really is a good investment…

How does Squaretrade work?

SquareTrade have two protection plans on offer to cover your electrical goods purchased on Amazon. It should be noted that the plans need to be taken out within 30 days of the purchase to be valid.

How does SquareTrade workThe SquareTrade Protection plan provides cover for defects including mechanical and electrical malfunctions in addition to wear and tear. 100% of parts and labor is included in this plan with shipping costs to the SquareTrade repair facility free of charge.

The cover provided by the plan commences from the date of purchase of the electrical item covered. If a fault develops within the manufacturers warranty the first contact is the manufacturer. During manufacturers warranty SquareTrade will step in where the manufacturer is not able repair the issue.

What does SquareTrade coverThe Square Trade Accident Protection Plan is a premium version of the basic plan as it offers all the protection of the basic plan plus accidental coverage should you drop your graphics tablet, spill coffee over your laptop or find your dog with half a mobile phone in its mouth!

You may transfer your plan if you sell the electrical appliance under cover or are giving it as a gift.  You may also extend the cover if there is a delay in shipping of the purchase so you don’t lose out if the electrical goods don’t arrive on the expected date.  If you decide to cancel your SquareTrade plan you can get a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

What does SquareTrade warranty cover and how much does SquareTrade cost?

Both SquareTrade Protection Plans have a variety of options depending upon the duration of cover you require and the amount in cost that you wish to have covered. As an example the cheapest 2 year plan runs from approximately $8 covering appliances between $50-$75.

There are longer terms of cover available of 3-4 years with appliance values of $500+ Obviously the higher the coverage and longer the term the higher the cost of the plans. However considering that the plan costs are a fraction of what it would cost you to ‘re-buy’ another graphics tablet it makes economical sense.

Where a repair cannot be made SquareTrade will replace the device with either the same or higher specification appliance.

The advantages of using a SquareTrade plan is its low cost, no fee for parts, labor and shipping with systems in place make it very easy to use providing an online warranty tracker. 

What other alternative warranties are available?

SquareTrade provides the best plan in terms of features however there are others on Amazon that you may wish to consider.

Smartgaurd vs SquareTrade

SmartGaurdsmart guard accidental protection how does it work? is roughly the same price as SquareTrade (at higher end products) and includes an in-home provision for larger electrical appliances.

Canopy vs SquareTrade 

Canopyhow does canopy drops and spills protection work? is similarly priced but instead of replacing/ repairing your electrical appliance you are provided with an Amazon Gift Card to the equivalent value and not a replacement.


what does squaretrade warranty cover- accident protection planIs SquareTrade the right plan for you?

If you are looking for a simple insurance policy for your electrical appliances and want the best value for your dollar SquareTrade is the right choice.

There are other products that could serve your needs but SquareTrade has consistently provided consumers of Amazon electrical products with a very high level of service and clear evidence satisfaction with an impressive 4.7 Aamazon Star rating. If you believe that a protection plan would be a good safeguard then our advice is to use this product.  check out a SquareTrade plan to suit you right here…

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