Anatomy Tools – 9 ways to draw accurate human form

Artists who need human models often use anatomy tools as a reference. Drawing the human form is like fitting pieces of a jigsaw puzzle together. If they’re not drawn to scale, they look out place. How do we fix this?

By learning how to keep things in perspective so they are proportionate. Anatomy teaching tools provide a simple reference of curves, lines, muscles, and bone structure.

Some anatomy tools are a single piece while others have flexible joints to mimic movement. Others include the entire human body or just a specific part of it, like a hand or skull.

Male or female, whole or a piece, anatomy tools provide a brilliant reference to artists who need a human model.

Nine Anatomy Tools – Making the Human Form Easy to Draw Accurately:

Max Factory Figma Archetype Next Male Action Figure (Gray Colored Version) 

Combining movement with the buff body of a superhero is what you’ll find with this model. When it comes to realistic anatomy tools, male figure models like this one are fantastic for illustration designers.

The joints are made of flexible plastic for a full range of motion. Arms, legs, head, hands, feet, and torso move and stay in position. His body is bursting with muscles as his face wears a contemplative expression.

You can pose him and mount him on the included transparent stand.

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Bandai Tamashii Nations Woman DX “S.H Figuarts” Action Figure B0177DRVQS

With over 30 fully posable joints, this is one of the most amazing anatomy teaching tools you can get.

If you’re planning on using anatomy tools, female figure models that can mimic a girl in today’s hi-tech society are a necessity.

Pose her with a cell phone, gun, book, sword, PC, smart phone, or tablet. She even has an extra set of hands.

Once she’s posed, attach her to the included clear plastic stand. She can dance, practice ninja skills, or talk on a cell phone.

Anatomy tools female adjustable figure

Compact at six inches tall, this model has a lot to offer.

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Male Anatomy tool
Male Anatomy Figure: 11-inch Anatomical Reference for Artists (Grey) 

The grey resin casting of this athletic nude model shows two sides of the human form.

One half is covered in skin while the other has the skin removed to reveal muscle groups.

If you’re using anatomy tools, male figure models like this is a terrific replacement of a live model.

Anatomically correct, he’s cast in gray resin that shows even the tiniest details.

Male Anatomy Figure left and right head profile

Mounted on a stable base, he proudly stands in a neutral pose to display his physique.

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Female Anatomy Figure Anatomical Reference for ArtistsFemale Anatomy Figure: 10.5-inch Anatomical Reference for Artists (Grey) 

Complement the male figure with his female companion for a complete set of anatomy teaching tools.

When drawing while using anatomy tools, female figure models like this one show the similarities and differences between man and woman.

Half skin and half ecorche, she shows you both surface beauty and what lies beneath. Standing in a neutral pose, she’s just a bit shorter than her male counterpart.

Anatomically correct, the female form is on display in gray resin that shows all the fine details an artist needs.

Female Anatomy Figure: Anatomy tool for Artists

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Female Proportional FigureFemale Proportional Figure: V.2 – Proportion & Surface Form 

Based on a real woman, this is one of the most life-life human references an artist could use.

If you need anatomy tools, female figure reference models like this has all the right parts in all the right places.

She’s anatomically correct, proportionate, and has skin to show complete surface anatomy. Made from gray resin, details are incredibly clear and lines are crisp.

With an athletic build, underlying muscles and bone structure add to her proud pose.

Female Proportional Figure anatomical models tool

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Male Proportional Figure: V.2 - Proportion & Surface FormMale Proportional Figure: V.2 – Proportion & Surface Form 

If you already have a female model as one of your anatomy tools, male figure models that complement her are an excellent addition.

A scaled replica of a real male athlete, the detail is astounding.

Covered in skin, the surface anatomy shows details of his body in neutral gray resin.

He stands 12-inches tall on a solid base in a neutral pose that draws attention to his defined physique.

This model is a remarkable anatomy study tool of the male form.

Male Proportional Figure anatomy tools

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Wooden Manikin anatomy tools Posable Drawing Sketching Model With StandWooden Manikin – Posable Drawing Sketching Model With Stand – 13 Inch 

Unlike the previous immovable anatomy tools, model references do sometimes need to change position.

This wooden model lacks details, but has a full range of motion in all limbs. Drawing a person running, waving, flying, or falling can be replicated with this little guy.

Bend him in half, make him do a squat, or just stand up straight. A transparent stand holds him in place while you draw him.

As part of standard anatomy teaching tools, this model portrays human movement while keeping body parts proportionate to one another.

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Artist Manikin 12in Male Right HandArtist Manikin 12in Male Right Hand 

Hands are one of the most difficult pieces of the anatomy to draw because it has so many different variables.

Each finger has its own entity while being part of a whole. Anatomy tools like hand models take the guesswork out of drawing a hand. Fingers bend and the wrist rotates in a natural manner to mimic a real hand.

With the correct hand gesture, a drawing can convey a range of emotions. Fingernails are lightly etched in for a realistic touch.

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anatomy tools skull modelAnatomical Human Skull Model, 3-part, Numbered, with Sutures, Life Size

Who needs a body when you have skull like this? If you need cranial anatomy tools, skull models based recreated from real humans is the way to go.

Molded from a real skull, this model has all the detail an artist needs. It’s numbered on the right side and can be disassemble into three sections.

anatomy tools skull life size modelThe calvaria, skull base, and the mandible easily pull apart. Remove the calvaria and get a close up internal view of the skull cavity.

Magnets and resin dowels fit into pre-existing holes to reattach the pieces. Since it’s cast from PVC, blood vessels and bone structure are clearly visible.

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Anatomy tools – Buy Yourself Drawing Time!

Unless you have a photographic mind that can manipulate the human body into a multitude of poses anatomy study tools are a huge benefit.  Yes you can research on line or even get a real human being to pose for you.  

The advantage  of anatomy tools is that you have them to hand whenever you want them.  if you choose the flexible tools you can put them in any pose which can save hours of research and preliminary sketches.

anatomy tools action figure female

The first two anatomy tools in this review (‘Bandai Tamashii Nations female’ and ‘Max Factory Figma Archetype Next Male’) are both action figures, well suited to cartoon work and comic strips.  With both male and female figures the poses are limitless.  Not just an aid memoir to body form but can also be used to try out and create new action poses. 

The  Wooden Manikin With Stand may seem to be ‘back to basics’ but if you struggle with human form and action this basic anatomy tool could be just what you need!

For high detail the four anatomical grey figures offer outstanding accuracy. Although they are quite a lot more expensive that some of the other anatomy teaching tools you get what you pay for – high quality accurate anatomy!

These may seem like a luxury in your art tool kit but when you consider the amount of time spent thinking about body poses, researching,  taking photos and sketching live models the cost is well worth it!