Are graphics tablet gloves really necessary?

yiynova-graphics-tablet-glovesDrawing tablet gloves road tested!

To get the most out of your graphics tablet you need to have minimal friction between your hand and the screen. There is nothing worse than experiencing skin drag which affects the smooth operation of the graphics tablet stylus.

To overcome the problem you could use an artists glove, which not only makes your hand glide over the screen surface but also keeps the screen clean and dust fee.

The road test results

There are very few brands on the market and I put the Yiynova Artists gloves through their paces using different branded tablets – including Cintiq, Motion and Huion (all direct draw on screen).

The results were very positive, as it was quite obvious from the outset that the gloves lycra/spandex material considerably reduced screen friction between the small finger and plastic screen surface. Its allows the hand to do what it does best and draw without interference from any skin drag and the creative mind to do what it does best without unwelcome distraction. The material did not overheat the hand and even after a prolonged drawing session I found it to be really comfortable in fact it felt like an extra skin rather than a glove.

The gloves are also useful for conventional drawing on paper as it reduces ‘sweat smudging’ and keeps your hand clear of pencil and ink stains.

Glove design and comfort

The gloves are very comfortable on the hand and unlike conventional gloves only cover the thumb and small finger allowing maximum flexibility for drawing while maintaining a virtually frictionless experience. The gloves are stylish and robust and easily washable to ensure they can be maintained perfectly clean on the drawing surface.

The only criticism I could find is that the gloves only come in one size which did not cause me a problem, as it was a perfect fit in my case. However some artists with very small hands have noticed slight movement within the gloves and it is something to bear in mind.

yiynova-glove-amazonHow much do the gloves cost?

The gloves can either be purchased as a single glove, which for the Yiynova works out at around $15 and would appear to be the logical way to buy as they will fit either hand. However for an additional $10 you get the pair, which allows both hands the same protection and provides a balanced feel when drawing.

So is a drawing glove a sound investment?

It is a small cost to ensure you get the best experience possible allowing friction free drawing. As soon as you put the tablet drawing glove on it will transform you directly to ‘work mode’ and make you feel like a professional artist even before you lift the stylus! It’s a must buy for any graphics tablet artist who take their drawing seriously. See the latest price and further details for the Yiynova Artists Gloves…

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