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How can you know what to keep in your pencil case if you can never find what’s in there? The purpose of a pencil case is to organize pens, pencils, markers, erasers, and other miscellaneous items. We found some exemplary pencil cases that can organize and transport your supplies while providing that little bit of style.

Whether you’re a professional artist or just like to do some serious doodling, a pencil case is necessary. These are also good pencil cases for high school students to help keep all their supplies in one designated space as they run to and fro art class. Here are five cool pencil case designs for your pens, pencils and brushes…

heritage pencil case-7 different colorsHeritage Roll-Up Pencil Case

Organizing your pencils in a case that’s fashionable, secure, and practical is not always easy. With this case, you can store up to 36 standard-sized pencils comfortably. Unrolled, it’s flat and displays your pencils for easy use while keeping them tucked in tight to a designated niche via an elastic band. The pencils slide under the elastic band.

With upper and lower flaps on the inside, they protect the tips of the pencils from slipping out or getting damaged.

heritage pencil cases internal viewWhen you’re done, roll it up, and snap it closed. Along with a place for each pencil, there is also a larger sized elastic holder for an eraser. As a bonus, a metal pencil sharpener is included and fits right in its own little area. Since it’s made out of canvas, just throw it in the washer for a periodic cleaning.

It’s portable since it only weighs one pound, and it measures 19.5 x 8 x 2 inches. It’s large enough to properly store your pencils, but it’s compact enough to fit into your bag. The elastic band is pre-stitched to fit the size of a single pencil. So anything larger won’t fit. But, if you feel like being crafty, you can snip the piece of thread between two slots to make it large enough to fit two.

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woo-crafts-canvas-pencil-wrap-72-pencilWooCrafts Canvas Pencil Case Wrap

For the artist who has just a few more pencils, this case can store up to 72 of them. Also made out of durable, washable, canvas material, it resembles a book in that each side contains a thick piece of elastic; that elastic is then divided into separate sections to house a single pencil. To keep your eraser and sharpener close at hand, there are a couple of larger slots included. After you’re finished using it, roll it up, and use the faux leather to wrap it up and snap the button to keep it closed.

It weighs slightly less than one pound, and measures 19.6 x 15.7 x 0.2 inches. With these dimensions, it’s easy to transport while having the bonus of being stylish. The black material is outlined with a chic brown trimming which provides for a very cool pencil case design that men and women alike will enjoy.

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Rustic Genuine Leather Pencil Case Roll

rustic-genuine-leather-pencil-caseWith the look and feel that only genuine leather and a hand-stitched design can provide, you get the style, look, and feel of being a true artist without spending a fortune.

Unfold it, and there are seven hand-stitched slots for pencils and one larger square slot for miscellaneous items.

rustic-ridge-genuine-leather-pencil-rollIt’s a little heavier since it’s genuine leather, but not much. It’s easily transportable and can fit into your bag since it weighs just over one pound and measures 8 x 1.5 x 3.2 inches.

When you’re drawing is complete, roll it up and secure it with the leather thong. There are no inner flaps to offer protection to the pencil tips, but there’s enough space above and below the pockets to protect your tools.

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derwent-canvas-carry-all-bagDerwent Canvas Carry-All Bag

If you need to bring a mini art studio with you, you need a carry-all bag instead of a simple pencil case. This tough bag was built to let you stash 132 pencils, notepads, erasers, and all the other stuff you can’t live without. Created with three “pencil leaves” inside, they each handle 44 pencils.

Each leaf is adjustable, so you can proportion the storage areas to your needs. There’s an exterior mesh pocket to carry even more of your art supplies. Since it’s made out of canvas, it’s extremely durable as well as washable.


Toting it around is easy because it has two carrying handles and a removable shoulder strap. It measures 8.5 x 10 x 4.5 inches, and weighs slightly over one pound. So when you’re on the go, cram it full and zipper up.

Fitting this into your backpack won’t happen. Unlike the other rollup pencil cases, this carrying case is too big for that. But if you’re looking for a way to easily cart your supplies around, this bag will definitely do the trick.

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tran-deluxe-pencil-case-120-pencil-internal-viewTran Deluxe Pencil Case

Perhaps the best solution to a good pencil case for high school students, this waterproof case resembles a standard notebook binder and can accommodate up to 120 pencils.

Like a binder, it has a fully encompassing zipper that locks everything in place.

tran-deluxe-pencil-case-120-pencilsOpen it up and it lays flat to display all of your pencils as they remain nestled in their elastic niches. The slots were designed to be wide enough to hold two pencils instead of one.

It’s compact, measures 14.5 x 3 x 8.5 inches, and only weighs one pound. Because it’s made out of 1,800 denier fabric, it’s wonderfully water repellent.

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Our Recommendation for the best pencil case/ wrap

Wanting durability and functionality doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice cool pencil case designs. You can still find one that is stylish while fulfilling its intended purpose. An affordable stylish case, the Rustic Genuine Leather Pencil Roll will make a statement with its handmade stitching and real leather.

Its high quality components only add to its beauty without taking away from its organizational capabilities. A good pencil case for high school students may be the Tran Deluxe Pencil Case. It’s affordable, holds over a hundred pencils and since it’s waterproof, there’s no worry about water damage to your art supplies.

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