Sketch Pads for the Artist on the go!

canson comic manga sketch pads 8.5x11Creative ideas are triggered by any number of things and should be recorded in sketch pads.  Illustrations, doodles, diagrams, and even poems can be jotted down so they’re not forgotten. 

Art stores often carry a selection, but sometimes it’s easier to find great sketch pads online. It’s important to understand the type of paper needed for specific types of art. 

Paint or markers used on lightweight paper will bleed through.  But using heavyweight paper for pencil sketches is a waste of money. 

The best sketch pads for creative minds are those that can immortalize your art, not diminish it. And isn’t it lovely to thumb through the pads that have been filled up and reflect your ideas from the past?

Whether you’re an art student just starting out or an artist who has been drawing for decades, the right sketch pad makes all the difference.


strathmore series 400 sketch padsStrathmore Series 400 Sketch Pads 9 in. x 12 in. – pad of 100

If you’re experimenting with a new type of technique, this sketch pad would be a good tool.  With acid-free 60-pound paper, it’s designed for dry media creations. 

It’s considered medium weight which is perfect for pencils, charcoal, and such, but not acrylics or watercolors. 

The fine-tooth surface is smooth which is conducive for long continuous strokes.  Its spiraled binding holds the 9×12” pad secure so you can draw without fear of losing any sheets. 

The paper edges are perforated for a smooth removal of individual pages.  Use it on a stationary surface or while you’re traveling. Slip it into your bag, and keep it with you for spontaneous sketching.



artists choice sketch pa 2 pack 150 sheets 9 x 12Sketch Pad (2 Pack) 150 Sheets

Get two sketch pads for the price of one.  Charcoal, watercolors, and ink can be used in these 75 pages of 60-pound paper. 

Each sheet has a neutral PH balance, smooth surface, and non-reflective finish. 

Pen ink, pencil lead, or pastels show up vibrantly and won’t bleed through.  The spiraled binding is twin looped for extra security to prevent accidental page ripping. 

Each 9×12” sheet has a perforated edge so they tear out easily.  When you’re done with one, another is at the ready. 

Art students always love having a backup pad.  As a set, these sketch pads would make wonderful holiday gifts for that creative person in your life.



100 sheet sketch pads artist pro100-Sheet Sketchpad Artist Pro Pad for Sketching

We’re playing in the big league with this sketch pad.  The eco-friendly heavy-weight paper of this pad knows no boundaries.

Boasting 100 acid-free sheets of 98-pound paper, artists will fall in love with its versatility.  Ink, markers, watercolors, and acrylic paints can be applied without worry of bleeding through or smudging. 

The paper thickness weighs it down so taping the edges while working is optional, not necessary.  It won’t curl due to wetness.  Top spiraled binding opens up both sides of the 9×12” recycled paper to lefties and righties.  Remove the pages by tearing the micro-perforated edges. 

Creative juices can flow in all directions with this professional artist pad.



art show spiral sketch padsArt Show – Draw Anywhere Spiral Sketch Pad 

The dual hard covers of this exquisite sketch pad adds a sophisticated air to its owner. 

Providing a stiff workspace, the front and back covers flip open while preventing bending. 

The 100 sheets of 60-pound paper are acid free, non-reflective, and smudge resistant.  Yet mistakes are easily erased. 

All dry media – pencils, charcoal, pastels, gel pens, markers – adhere and blend well to each page without bleeding.  The 9×12” workspace accommodates hours of drawing yet fits comfortable in a backpack or briefcase.  The left-sided spiraled binding leaves the right hand side unhindered. 

Possibly one of the best sketch pads available, its high quality design makes it a wonderful present for any time of the year.



canson comic manga sketch pad 8.5 x 11Comic/Manga Sketch Pad, 8.5”X11″

Drawing things in proportion can be tough. That’s why the 65-pound paper in this sketch pad comes with a pre-lined blue grid. Each box in the grid helps to identify a small portion of the drawing rather than being overwhelmed by the whole. Best of all, the lines don’t show up when copied or scanned.

All 50 pages of paper are acid free and resist smudging while letting you use pencil, pen, or markers.

Being of medium grade, the 8.5×11” paper won’t let the ink bleed through. The binding lacks the metal spirals of our other sketch pads we’ve mentioned but has a glued binding.

No holes, no perforation. Just clean sliced edges when you peel out a sheet. And since there’s no binding to get in the way, it’s perfect for lefties.


sketch pads spiral boundCapture your imagination with sketch pads that you’ll love to use

Some of the best sketch pads for any artist are those that capture the imagination and keep it safe. There’s a pad for every type of drawing medium. You just have to know which one you need.

For the person who seems never to stop drawing, the Sketch Pad (2 pack) would work well. They could utilize one and have the second as a ready-to-use backup.

Or for that artist who dabbles in a bit of everything, give them the 100-Sheet Sketchpad Artist Pro Pad for Sketching. It was made to handle everything from pencil to paints and everything in between.

Contemplate the end goal, then decide which of these sketch pads will help to achieve that goal. Thick or thin paper, pencil or paint. Choose the sketch pad that will inspire and entice you to draw, then draw some more.