Aaron Blaise – Inspirational graphics artist

Some of the best Photoshop tutorials for graphics art you will find anywhere!


One of the great things about the internet is making discoveries of other artists who are truly inspirational.  I found Aaron Blaise while looking through cartoon lessons on Youtube and was really taken aback by the incredible skills this man has.

aaron-blaise-leopardHe has had a dream career working for Walt Disney Feature Aniamtion for 21 years and a large hand in the production of several Disney classics including The Lion King, Pochohontas, Beauty and the Beast and Mulan.  In the brilliant ‘Brother Bear’ he was the co-director which earned the Disney team an Oscar nomination for the best animated feature film.

After his highly successful Disney career he left and helped to create ‘Tradition Studios’ based in Florida.  When the project ‘Legend of Tombo’ ran into financial problems Aaron unfortunately became unemployed but through hard work and his unquestionable artistic genius has set up a new online business.

concept-art-aaron-blaisecreatureartteacher.com has a clear aim to help and inspire other artists and provides some excellent free tutorials particularly in the sphere of digital art.  The lessons show you how he creates his stunning artwork demonstrating  fantasy cartoons and his passion for wildlife scenes.

I really enjoy getting right into his behind the scenes Photoshop tutorials where Aaron shows you exactly how to build up your artwork, demonstrating some brilliant techniques and tricks of the trade.  I have been using Photoshop to create cartoons and other artwork for years but Aaron has pushed my boundaries even further with his innovative approach and some of the best photoshop custom brushes you will find anywhere – which he creates himself.

I particularly like his fantasy creatures in which he uses clouds for inspiration.  If you look into the sky and observe clouds you can get some great ideas as faces, forms and figures magically appear – with a large dose of your imagination.  Aaron shows you how to develop clouds into the most extraordinary creatures you can imagine.  Just to add more realistic textures to these creatures he has created brushes using animal skin textures and fur using his library of African wildlife.

One area I have not explored is animation.  Aaron is an expert in this art form and has some excellent tips and tutorials to enable you to get to grips with this specialist field of art.

Aaron Blaise Graphic ArtistHis web site creatureartteacher.com is one that I visit frequently for pure inspiration and some of the best artistic tuition on the net – much of it free of charge.  One thing I greatly admire about Aaron Blaise is that he has not forgotten that we all had to start somewhere on our artistic journey and charges really low prices for video courses and Photoshop texture brushes.  I often see ‘courses’ on the web priced at ridiculous amounts of money where it is obviously all about the money.  Aaron is ‘all about the art’ and it is so refreshing to see.  When you watch his videos the enthusiasm and love of his craft is hight infectious.

If you are a budding artist or professional graphics designer/ cartoonist Aaron Blaise web site is an absolute gem and I would urge you to take a look at the amazing concept art and wildlife that he has created using graphics tablets and Photoshop. 

See Aaron Blaise and his art at creatureartteacher.com 

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