Magical Welsh Artwork from the brush of Dorian Spencer Davies

Dorian Spencer Davies is a Welsh artist from Carmarthenshire that I have just discovered on Facebook. The inspiration for his artwork is mainly drawn from the stunning coastal resorts and towns in South and West Wales in the UK.

Beautiful Night Tenby

What grabbed me the most was his quirky style and vibrant colors, which jump straight off the canvas. In my case couldn’t help but dive into the paintings as Dorian’s artwork magnetically draws you into the charm and delight that is found in the Welsh hills, valleys, beautiful beaches and harbours in this small but magical part of the world.

Fish Supper

Dorian-Spencer-Davies-photoDorian was born in the town of Carmarthen in South West Wales near the site of ‘Merlin’s oak Tree’ from the Arthurian legend (I think he must have made some of his brush handles from the same tree!). Like me he has always been ‘arty’ from a young age enthusiastically drawing and painting and becoming established as the person to go to in school for illustrations.

After studying Natural History Illustration at Carmarthen College he progressed his career in the London publishing houses becoming Senior Art Editor for Dorling Kindersley Children’s book division. It was while browsing a bookstore that he had his ‘Eureka moment’ discovering the artwork of Cornish artist Alfred Wallis whose illustrations of bygone Cornish scenes had him captivated and inspired. You can see the influences of Wallis’s work on the artwork of Dorian Spencer Davies however he has his  own unique style that is hugely popular.

Vibrant colors are expertly balanced in Dorian’s Artwork

As you can see from his paintings the scenes are brilliant snapshots of different locations and he manages to craft scenes that encompass the whole character of a village or resort. This takes real skill which he has in abundance with the added ability to match and mix color, sometimes unexpectedly, to perfection.

Chugging Along

I asked how he could paint colors with such intensity. It wasn’t rocket science but very clever using good quality artist watercolors plus chalk pastels, which are soluble. I tried this on some of my cartoon artwork and bingo! the results were truly amazing with deep rich vibrant colors. Pastels can also give an added benefit to a painting providing a variety of texture. I am still experimenting with this and so far this technique has been inspirational.

Ariel Tenby

The Dorian Spencer Davies Art web site is a ‘must visit’ with a superb gallery of work that is easy to navigate and view. Highly appealing, visually stimulating and something to treasure.  You can also visit his official Face book page where there is a selection of his work and more information on his art career and activities.

Pembroke Castle

He paints commissions for weddings, pets, homes and all manner of other things. Dorian sells originals of his work that you can find displayed on his web site gallery plus prints and limited edition prints.

Fore more information visit the the Dorian Spencer Davies Art web site here…logo