Bendy ruler – possibly the best tool for drawing curves

bendy ruler the best tool for drawing curvesCapturing the exact measurements of a curve with a regular ruler is almost impossible. Drawing a perfect curve or series of curves by hand can be unbalanced. The answer is a bendy ruler or flexible drawing curve.

A flexible curve ruler helps to create perfect curvatures in a single smooth stroke. No extra set of hands needed, no extra tools required. It conforms to the shape in which you bend it. It maintains its shape until you straighten it.

You can make perfect circles, evenly balanced triangles, straight lines, arches, and more easily and quickly. Designed in various lengths, you can use it for large, medium, and small projects. Why have multiple tools that may not always deliver accurate results or be bulky and difficult to use? Flexible curve rulers are easy to shape, and simple to use. Bend it, and trace it. That’s all there is to it.

Quint flexible tool for drawing curvesQuint Measuring Systems Flexible  Tool for Drawing Curves

The world is full of curves. So is your project. Drawing, tracing, and cutting out patterns require more than just straight lines. This 36-inch curve bendy ruler helps you create and define a giant range of curves with one tool.

Made for larger projects that may require a series of waved and curvy lines, its length is essential for keeping the curvatures consistent. It has a lead core so it’s heavier than a regular ruler. The extra weights helps to hold it in place as you trace it.

The outer material is pliable plastic so it’s easy to handle and wipes clean. There’s a raised edge on one side while the other is flat. The measurement markings are inches, centimeters, and millimeters. Use pen ink or pencil to make precise curved lines with no fuss.

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C-Thru-30-Inch-Flexible-Curved-RulerC-Thru 30-Inch drawing curve flexible ruler

For those medium or in-between types of projects, it’s hard to find a ruler that’s not big and cumbersome or small and useless.

This 30-inch flexible curve ruler bends to the curvature you want, retains its shape as you trace, and straightens out with no fuss. Drawing, tracing, sewing patterns, or making precise shapes can be completed with ease.

While there are no length increments marked on this ruler, it’s useful for creating curves, circles, and other shapes that may not require specific measurements.

The plastic outer material is soft and pliant so it’s easy to use by both adults and children. Pen or pencil markings come out smooth and even as it holds the shape you need while tracing.

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Staedtler-18-Inch-Flexible-Curve-(97160-18BK)Staedtler 18-Inch Flexible
Drawing Curve Ruler

What do you do when you a small project that requires a large amount of accuracy? This 18-inch flexible curve ruler handles the dirty work for you. On one side, inches are shown while centimeters are marked on the other. One inch on either end of the ruler does not compute into the marked length of 18 inches. This gives you an inch of leeway on either end without disturbing the actual measurements.

Being shorter means it can be bent into tighter shapes like small circles, triangles, or compact curves. Its plastic outer coating is soft to the touch but tough enough to retain its shape after repeated bending.

Drawing, drafting designs, or sewing projects need meticulous curves with accurate measurements. That’s exactly what this flexible curve ruler was made for.

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24-Inch-(60cm)-Flexible-Curve-Ruler-Flex-Design-Rule24 Inch (60cm) Bendable Curve Rulers

Not too long, not too short, this 24-inch curve ruler makes creating distinct curves something to look forward to. Measure and trace a curve in inches, and flip it over to create a smaller one using the centimeter measurement.

The ruler is supple plastic that snugly fits a pre-marked paper measurement insert of inches and centimeters. If you need different measurements, slide it out and insert another. The metal core of the ruler easily bends into shape and stays there as you trace the outline. If you need to switch between curves and straight lines, there’s no problem. There’s no need for a straight ruler. Unfurl it to form a solid straight line.

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18-Inch-_-45cm-Flexible-Curve18 Inch / 45cm Flexible Curve Bendy Ruler

Make some exponentially accurate curves using this 18-inch flexible curve ruler. The length is easy to handle for medium or smaller projects without losing its effectiveness. The shorter length takes away from any bulkiness that a larger ruler would have when working on a smaller project. It’s clearly marked in both inches and centimeters. Both edges are slightly raised to make tracing easy when using either pen or pencil. It’s covered in a vibrant vinyl casing that makes the measurement markings pop. Bend it, shape it, and trace it. When you’re done, roll it up and store it in a craft kit or drawer.

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Why waste time erasing multiple attempts of drawing curves that are off base and imprecise? A flexible ruler takes the guesswork and difficulty out of drawing curves, circles, and arches. Bend it, trace it, and you’re done – learning how to use a flexible curve ruler will take you about two minutes.

For someone who uses curves on a regular basis in their projects for work or just as a hobby, a flexible curve ruler is an essential addition to your tool kit.

If you don’t need definitive measurements in your drawings but you do want balanced curves, the C-Thru 30-Inch Flexible Curved Ruler is a good recommendation. No distracting measurement numbers or lines to throw off your concentration. Just bend it, place it, and draw. No size analysis needed.

But if specific sizes of curves are required, the Quint Measuring Systems Flexible Curve Ruler would be a great tool. Switching between inches, centimeters, and millimeters within the same project can require multiple rulers. The Quint combines all three measurements in one place. It’s accurate and economical while delivering smooth results with no hassle