10 Great Gift ideas for Artists and Cartoonists

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“A Wacom Graphics Tablet or I tell the store manager you stink of Gin!”

Artists and cartoonists love gifts that help to bring their creativity to new heights. Getting gift ideas can be tricky particularly for the artistically minded.

Painting, drawing, and tracing require specific tools.

Making these tools and supplies Christmas gift or birthday gift ideas will make their special day even better.

Nurture their creativity with the perfect gift that will bring hours of happiness.

Let them know you want to fuel their artistic skills with one of the phenomenal yet practical gifts below.

10 great Gift Ideas for Artists and Cartoonists

will-eisner-comics-and-sequential-art-bookWill Eisner Comics and Sequential Art

Graphic novels tell a story through larger-than-life visuals rather than extensive text. Will Eisner shares his experience in this book.

Divided into eight lessons, Eisner explains the principles and theories of how to use a visual narrative to breathe believability into graphic novels and comic books.

Superheroes and fantasy worlds become realistic and believable when Eisner’s techniques are followed.

Authentic advice and lessons based on Eisner’s vast experience make this an exceptional gift for any comic book artist.


wacom-intuos-draw-graphics-tabletWacom Intuos Draw CTL490DW Digital Drawing and Graphics Tablet

Plug this graphic tablet into any PC or Mac USB port, and let the fun begin. Use the stylus pen to draw, shade, and color digital creations from pure imagination.

Get the results of watercolor or acrylic art without the mess or clean up. Mistakes can be deleted with the touch of the pen. Shortcut keys can be created for repetitive commands like copy and paste.

Online tutorials are included with purchase for beginners with tips and tricks for the more experienced.


48-colored-pencils-for-adultsColored Pencils for Adults – 72 Vivid Watercolor Pencils & Case Set

There are hours of fun waiting to be had with this set of watercolor pencils. Similar to regular colored pencils, these can be used wet or dry to create amazingly vivid watercolor art.

They blend and layer without fading or changing color. Color dry, then use the paintbrushes to wet the pigment.

Non-toxic materials make this a wonderful gift for children, too. A pencil extender lets you use every inch of each pencil.

Organize the pencils, paintbrushes, extender, and eraser (all included) in a fashionable canvas roll-up bag.


lamy-calligraphy-setLamy Calligraphy Set Pen Sets

For the calligrapher on your list, help them to express themselves through the art of writing.

Letters, invitations, place cards, name tags, and poems written on parchment give life to the art of calligraphy. With three interchangeable stainless steel nibs and five ink cartridges, artists will love creating different fonts for their timeless projects.

A soft black lacquer finish beautifies the pen while the wooden carrying box gives it a touch of old-world charm.


huion-extra-thin-17-light-padHuion 17.7″ Extra Thin light PAD

Lightboxes are ideal gifts for artists who need to trace images. With two levels of brightness, various types of tracing can be accomplished.

The acrylic surface makes for smooth lines without any bumps. It can be used for up to 50,000 hours before needing a new light.

Very little heat emanates from the surface even after hours of use. Plug it into a USB port, and it’s ready to go. Six pieces of tracing paper, holder, and board clip are included.


canson-arches-block-cold-pressArches Watercolor Block, Cold Press 9”X12″

Give the gift of high-quality watercolor paper that begs to be painted upon. Made from 100% cotton fibers and gelatin sizing, this block of artist-grade paper is acid free with a natural white color.

It was made to handle watercolor, acrylic, airbrushing, or gouache. The block consists of 20 sheets of 140-pound paper which is glued on all sides to prevent warping while painting.

After it dries, slice it gently off the block. Measuring 9×12 inches, there’s plenty of room to capture an artist’s creation.


us-art-121-piece-artists-setUS ART SUPPLY 121-Piece Custom Artist Painting Kit 

An art studio in one complete kit with an affordable price makes a splendid gift for artists and cartoonists.

The adjustable beech wood easel can accommodate adults and children. Lightweight and portable, it can be used at home or on the go.

Everything an artist needs to get started is included. Twenty four paints (watercolor, oil, and acrylics), 32 brushes in various sizes, eight canvases, a color chart, paint pad, color palette, and a 5-piece palette knife set are included.

This is a superb gift for artists of any experience level.


iwata-medea-deluxe-airbrush-setIwata-Medea Deluxe Airbrush Set

Airbrushing is a beautiful form of art. With this starter kit, let your favorite artist hone their skills with body painting, makeup application, or creating art pieces on glass, metal, and other surfaces.

The compressor has an adjustable PSI feature and is quiet enough for indoor use. A cup, air filter, paint, template, and cleaner make getting started easy.

Also included are two instructional DVDs that explain how to use airbrushing as an amazing artistic outlet.


da-vinci-luxury-watercolor-series-paint-brush-setDa Vinci Watercolor Series 5280 Deluxe Paint Brush Set

Painters will want to watercolor just to use this deluxe set of four brushes.

Made with natural and synthetic hairs, the brushes refuse to shred during use. The wooden handles are smooth and lightweight. A foam insert keeps the brushes and included bar of soap securely in place.

The carrying box, made from mahogany, is an exquisite piece of art itself. Certified green, the entire kit is environmentally friendly.

As a Christmas or birthday gift, artists will love this set as much as they love to paint.


x-port-professional-expandable-artist-portfolio-caseX-port Professional Expandable Artist Portfolio

Every artist should have a chic yet durable portfolio to protect and transport their artwork. With a large top opening, big and bulky art supplies slide right in. Carry foam boards, canvas, brushes, paint, pencils, and more.

It expands an extra six inches to fit copious amounts of supplies. It protects your contents since it’s water proof and tear proof.

Complete with shoulder strap plus a leather handle, it’s comfortable to carry artwork and supplies wherever you need to go.