Mega List of Cool Stuff to Draw – Get Inspired

mega list of cool stuff to drawGetting ideas for cool stuff to draw  can  be really frustrating when the thing they call ‘cartoonists’ or ‘artists block’ arrives.  I don’t see this as a huge problem as like an automobile with a flat battery you just need to give your brain a little kick start to fire it up again.

I use a variety of methods to generate ideas such as my simple ideas mind map technique and my scribble challenge which work really well.  Another way to get cool drawing ideas quickly is to create a list of ‘prompts’ to give you that spark.  I have a thick moleskin note book full of ideas, situations, short references which I use regularly. 

In this blog post I have created a mega list of cool stuff to draw.  I say ‘mega’ because I am going to add to the list regularly.  My aim is to provide you with at least 1000 ideas and then once I get there to go beyond.  It’s nearly Halloween 2016 so depending when you look at this article will depend how ‘mega’ the list is – Hope you find it useful.  

If you want to make some suggestions to add to the list please use the comments box below – Thanks!

Mega List of Cool Stuff to Draw

  1. What if dinosuars had not become extinct?
  2. Shopping trolleys that talk
  3. If santa was an alcoholic
  4. Witch at the beauty salon
  5. Pooh bear and Piglet are outlaws
  6. Intelligent mobile phones
  7. Stuck in a lift with a ghost
  8. Mime artist on vacation
  9. Amazing find at the end of the rainbow!
  10. If Picasso had been an architect
  11. Surgeon fixing a broken heart
  12. Quasimodo – chef at Macdonalds
  13. Aliens impression of Donald Trump
  14. Family from hell reunion
  15. death-witchGrim reaper chasing the most unlikely victim
  16. Butterflies with tattoos
  17. If cowboys rode goats
  18. Little Red riding ‘in the Hood’
  19. If Michaelangelo was a graffiti artist today
  20. Cows branding humans
  21. Love is blind
  22. Overdose on candy
  23. If the Mona Lisa could talk
  24. Call of the wild
  25. Theres music in the air
  26. Worst wedding speech gaff
  27. Sewage workers lunch break menu
  28. An unlikely touchdown
  29. The President is not of the human species
  30. Time machine malfunction
  31. The kissed frog turns into a…?
  32. Extreme bad hair day
  33. Cannabis plant with attitude
  34. 10478559_801877233180115_4976731968235287720_nHedgehog on a mission
  35. Sleepwalking at height
  36. Snow White meets Stephen King
  37. Christmas present for a zombie
  38. Chickens – industrial action with placards
  39. Shark fin soup
  40. Psychiatrists couch in heaven
  41. Carol singers with an alternative agenda
  42. Cheer leader that discourages the crowd
  43. Whats in the kangaroos pouch?
  44. Fishing trawler has netted something out of the ordinary!
  45. Marching band pile up
  46. Early morning call from the rooster – getting revenge
  47. How to ride a bike with webbed feet 
  48. Flesh eating plants
  49. Bulls discussing tactics at a rodeo
  50. Pope wearing the ruby slippers (Wizard of Oz)
  51. More to be added soon!


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If you have more ideas that I can add (keep ’em clean!) please use the comments box below