Table top easels for painting, drawing and sketching

table top easels for paintingBeginner and professional artists both need the same thing – a functional workspace. Inexpensive table top easels for painting, drawing and sketching turn small spaces into art studios with your tools at your fingertips. 

Some of the best easels for painting and drawing are portable, easy to use, and functional for beginners as well as professionals.  Art students need to paint on location or carry their supplies to and from class. Turn almost any empty surface into your own personal artist space with a table top easel that can also be used to display your work.  But figuring out where to buy an art easel can be difficult.

Craft supply stores, some department stores, and online stores offer a wide selection. Use our list below to do some comparison shopping before heading out to the store, and you may find a table top easel that’s exactly what you’re looking for.

Solid Solana Adjustable Wood Desktop EaselUS Art Supply “Solid Solana” Adjustable Wood Desktop Easel with Drawer 

Adaptable for the artist on the go, this attractive wooden table top easel is lightweight without sacrificing functionality.  It adjusts to four different incline positions with a kickstand prop behind the easel. 

The solid workspace is large and holds up to an 11 x14 inch canvas.  You can use this for painting, drawing, or sketching.  Underneath is a drawer that’s broken into sections to hold brushes, paints, pencils, and miscellaneous art supplies.  With a sturdy latch, the drawer locks securely to keep the contents organized and safe. 

Throw your supplies inside, lock it up, and you’re ready to take your entire workspace and supplies with you.  It can also double as a book holder, tablet holder, or miniature desk to use in bed. 

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Marquis Artists Desk Top EaselThe Marquis Artists Desk Easel 

Some inexpensive table top easels are flimsy and way too small on which to do any actual work.  But this table top easel was designed with the needs of an artist in mind which is why it’s ideal for painting. 

With four adjustable inclines, you can find your most comfortable position.  The drawer, which is neatly tucked underneath the easel, is divided into three compartments that hold all your painting tools and essentials. 

Since the easel itself has cutouts, it’s not recommended for paper sketching, but it nicely accommodates an 11 x 14 inch canvas which makes it a wonderful table top easel for painting.

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ZEN ART SUPPLY DESK TOP EASELZen Art Supply Desktop Artist Easel 

For projects that need a bit of a larger working surface, the beautiful hand-sanded table top easel made from beech wood is great for painting and drawing.  Art pads and canvases can easily fit on the 21 inch work surface. 

The drawer underneath boasts removable dividers so you can store your art supplies while controlling exactly how they’re organized.  Even though this table top easel is a bit larger than some, that doesn’t diminish its portability.  Lock the drawer, fold the easel down flat, and it mimics a briefcase for easy carrying. 

The incline can be adjusted to any degree ranging from fully horizontal to completely vertical.  Find what’s comfortable for you, and lock it in position. 

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Solambela Artists Desk Top EaselSolabela Artists Desk Easel 

Is it a desk? Is it a briefcase? No, it’s the perfectly portable pinewood art studio, desk, and table top easel all in one.  It sets up easily as it nimbly holds up to an 11 x 14 inch canvas or art pad. 

The back has cutouts so sketching on a single sheet isn’t recommended, but a thicker art pad could offer a harder working surface.  Choose from four adjustable inclines.  The sliding supply drawer holds the artistic necessities.  

The faux leather handle makes being an artist on the go easy and chic. As an inexpensive table top easel, it’s ideal for beginners who don’t want to make a large investment. The lightweight design makes it easily portable for children or students.

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US Art Supply Newport Small Adjustable Wood Table Sketchbox EaselUS Art Supply Newport Small Adjustable Wood Table Top Easel

Everything an artist needs is wrapped up in this box made out of attractive hand-sanded beech wood that makes for an amazing table top easel.  

With an astounding 20.5 inch high work space, you’ll have lots of room to let your imagination get busy.  The interior drawer is divided into four spaces to hold accessories and supplies. 

The incline is adjustable to four different angles for comfort. A palette is included which makes this rank as one of the best easels for painting for beginners who want to purchase a complete package.   

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solobela-artists-desk-top-easel-carried-imageWhich table top easels for painting drawing and sketching would suit your artwork?

If you can decide which table top easel you need, you’ll have an easier time figuring out where to buy an easel. Large easels require lots of space. Standing for long hours while painting can take the fun out of it. But smaller display easels for tabletop use can be just as effective, let you sit down, and can be used for showing off your completed work.

The Zen Art Supply Desktop Artist Easel is well constructed, has an affordable price, and works well for beginners and experts. Portable and small, it offers a large work space with an unlimited incline adjustability.

If a compact workspace for canvas art is what you need, the US Art Supply Newport Small Adjustable Wood Table Easel is designed to inspire painting on location or wherever your creativity may take you. With its ample storage space to hold paints and brushes, you’ll be completely prepared to stop, drop, and paint with this portable table top easel and included palette.

If you would like to see the various types of easel shapes and styles there is an excellent article on which lists and analyses 9 different easel types.

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