5 of the best rated adult coloring sheets in book format

adult coloring sheets booksGreat way to alleviate stress with adult colouring book pages!

The popularity of adult coloring sheets and books is sweeping the world and when you think about it – it’s not surprising.  When we were young we loved coloring books and when we got older we threw away our childish things…or did we?  

People doodle all the time – you only have to look at any office desk jotter and most people doodle away making patterns, cartoons and other random sketches without thinking about it.  

Therapists now say that colouring books with repetitive patterns are very therapeutic.  So if you fancy some cheap and cheerful therapy that doesn’t involve a highly expensive therapist grab some colored pencils  and an adult coloring book – one of the great art therapy ideas for stress relief that works!


millie-marottas-tropical-wonderland-adult-coloring-sheets‘Tropical Wonderland’ by Millie Marotta – with exotic grown up colouring sheets

This book has beautifully illustrated adult coloring pages with animals and botanical scenes that will have you entranced for hours.  Millie Marotta’s exotic wildlife drawings are highly intricate and beg to be colored in.  

This style is slightly different to the other ‘repetitive pattern type of drawing sheets for adults’  and be more suited to your own personal taste.

Millie Marotta’s 96 page paperback edition is full of superb drawings ready for your coloring talents.  Look out for her other adult colouring book titles.  If you like this book you will love her other online colouring books for adults including ‘Animal Kingdom’ and ‘Wild Savanna’.

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Enchanted-forest-johanna-basford‘The Enchanted Forest’ – Wonderful stress relieving colouring pages from top selling author Joanna Basford.

Johanna Basfords previous book  ‘Secret Garden’ sold over one million copies which is astonishing for an adult style colouring book. It was #1 on the New York Times Best Sellers list and this next book “The Enchanted forest’ is, in our opinion and many others, even better. 

The book is fantastic on several levels as Johanna’s illustrations are exquisite and there is a hidden trail of clues for you to solve which adds to the sheer enjoyment of coloring.

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adult-coloring-books-henna inspired‘Coloring Book for Adults’  Mandalas and Henna inspired patterns 

This is currently (December 2015) one of the highest rated adultcoloring books on Amazon being#1 in three categories (humour & entertainment, meditation and self help).

48 highly detailed designs based on mandalas and Henna inspired flower, animal and paisley patterns  contained in this 96 page gem of a  book 

For relaxation and meditation the illustrations fit the exact designs recognised for stress busting and is a great addition to your colouring book collection.  ‘Adult colouring Books’ are one of the most prolific producers of adult colouring and if you like this volume you have plenty more to chose from in the range.

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worlds-best-adult-mandala-coloring-bookThe World’s Best Mandala Coloring Book 

Penny Farthing graphics have made a bold statement to call this the ‘World’s Best’. Unlike others in this review the illustrations are made up of different artists which could be seen as an advantage with different styles and variation or as a disadvantage with a lack of consistency.

The designs are all of Mandala designs (basically circular intricate and repetitive  patterns) which fit the stress relieving profile to the letter.

Is it the best of it’s kind?  In our opinion this has some perfect stress relieving adult color pages and is well worth having!

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COLOR-ME-CALM-ZEN-ADULT-COLORING-BOOK‘Color Me calm’ – 100 templates for relaxation and meditation.

Art therapist Lucy Mucklow and artist Angela Porter have created 100 pattern coloring pages for adults and it is beautifully put together and carries a very high 4.5 Amazon star rating.  This is an extremely popular book with six different chapters including patterns of Mandalas, Water Scenes and  Flora & Fauna.  

Lucy Mucklow is a fully qualified art therapist and has really put a lot of work and thought into the book. Each theme is fully explained and developed to give you a professionals eye view of relieving anxiety, stress through beautifully constructed meditative art.  All in all this book delivers excellent coloring book pages for adults backed up with considerable amount of professional weight!

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Enchanted-forest-johanna-basfordWhich book provides the best adult colouring pictures?

All five books are really good for different reasons and we would urge you to try them all.  Once you get hooked on adult coloring sheets or books you will want more!

However we put the Enchanted Forest in a league of its own for sheer artistry – it is an  exceptionally well illustrated by an unbelievably talented artist. Johanna Basford has become the best selling author in this genre and for good reason. Her designs are superb and they literally draw you into the picture to color them in.  She has written others that you will equally enjoy including The Secret Garden and Lost Ocean.

COLOR-ME-CALM-ZEN-ADULT-COLORING-BOOKFor achieving the best combination of art and therapeutic value we have to go with ‘Color Me Calm’ by Art therapist Lucy Mucklow and artist Angela Porter.  

The book has lovely illustrations backed up with professional insight and is so cleverly designed and constructed. 

faber-castel-60If you are wondering how to color adult coloring sheets and books take a look at our review of the best watercolor pencils – right here