Five top rated colored gel pen sets reviewed

best gel pen for coloring writing and drawingwhich are the best gel pens for coloring writing and drawing?

Gel pens for coloring writing and drawing have become a much more versatile tool in the artists tool box. Spice up your everyday art and craft life by using them to write in your favorite journal, take notes in class, jot down a quick memo, or color a fantastic drawing that you’ve had your eye on.

So, what is a gel pen (also known as jello or jelly pens)? It’s a regular type of pen that uses a gel-based ink which is a blend of permanent oil-based ink and water-based ink mixed with a splash of glitter. The ink is thick and opaque that makes it stand out on darker or slick surfaces.

gel pens for coloring writing and drawing amazapens-gel-pen-pack-24n-1These are the pens that successfully write on black paper due to the thick ink consistency and a white gel pen for drawing on black or darker paper and other non tackle surfaces is an essential artists tool.  

These top rated gel pen sets are a terrific tools that can help you create your own gel-designed party invitations, write a letter to a friend, or get the kids off the computer and in front of a coloring book. Adult colouring books are becoming much more popular and multi colored gel pens are ideal!

amazapens-gel-coloring-pens-24-packAmazaPens Gel Coloring Pens. Assorted 24 Pack Gel Pen Sets

This variety pack contains 12 glitter, six neon, and six pastel medium-tipped pens. The rubber grip makes hours of use easy on the fingers to avoid harsh muscle cramps.

Writing just like regular ballpoint pens, they glide across the surface and leave beautiful ink in their wake. Since they’re non-toxic and acid free, it’s a great starter pack for children as well as adults.

They contain 40% more ink than regular brands, so even though there are only 24 colors, you won’t run out of ink too soon. The ink in some gel pen sets can become gluey and stick as you write. But these pens glide across the page without a glitch. They won’t make the paper soggy, either. They can also produce fine lines if you’re using them for detailed illustrations.

Storage is easy because these pens come packaged in a lightweight plastic case with a flap that holds them securely in place. The color scheme varies but the neon ink can be rather light so you may have to apply and extra layer to achieve the desired density.

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Gel pens for artists colouring drawing and writing top-quality-gel-pens-60-pack-2Top Quality Gel Pens – the smoothest gel pens for artists!

While kids can have fun with gel pens for a myriad of arts and crafts, adults can have even more. Fine tips make adult coloring, drawing, and crafting an adventure. The smaller tips also make these one of the best gel pens for writing if you’re looking for a way to jazz up your journal or maybe write that perfect love letter. While the ink is thick, it doesn’t bleed through the paper.

They are easy to write with and just as easy to color an intricate design. It’s been rated as one of the smoothest gel pens to use for both writing and coloring due to the silky way it glides over the paper.

The ink is non-toxic and means no dangerous chemical exposure. Perfect for those youngsters to join in and help you on art-and-craft day. The ink doesn’t fade or smear, and the color stays vibrant even after it dries due to the high pigmentation. There is a large variety of colors with 60 pens in this packet, but some colors are extremely similar to each other.

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tekwriter gel pens set pack 100Tekwriter gel pen sets USA Premium 100 count –  Serious Gel Pens for Artists 

You know you’re serious about crafting when you need this set of gel pens. This kit has a variety of 100 gel pens that are perfect for archival projects. They dry fast, resist fading, are waterproof, and contain high grade premium ink that lasts. Choose from basic, pastel, neon, neon glitter, metallic, and colored glitter ink styles.

An extra perk is the latex-free grips. Lose the chemical reaction while keeping a firm grip on your pen while you create treasured keepsakes and unique scrapbooks. Encased in a three-tier storage stand, the pens stand at attention so their color-coded caps are easily located. The caps are also equipped with a pocket clip to securely attach it and stay in place. Nothing is indestructible, so beware of leakage if you use excessive pressure.

With such a comprehensive kit these gel pens for colouring writing and drawing  are ideal if you use them frequently.

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super-doodle-gel-pens-36-pack-premium-gel-pens for artistsSuper Doodle Gel Pens – 36 Color Premium Gel Pen Set

Non-toxic and acid-free ink makes this set perfect for children and adults. The high-grade ink makes the colors pop and there’s no bleeding through or smearing. With 12 glitter, 10 metallic, six neon, six pastel colors, one white, and one standard black ink pen, you’ll be busy for hours.

The ink flows easily so there’s no skipping. The pastel colors are rather light, and may occasionally need to be layered to enhance their color a bit. But as one of the top rated gel pens in its class, it’s great for zentangles, mandala coloring, embellishing greeting cards, and more. Enjoy the latex-free finger grips and a storage case that doubles as a carrying case.

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lolliz-gel-pens-192-pen-set-4-packs-of-48-gensLolliZ Gel Pens | 92 Gel Pen Set – 2 Packs of 48 pens each

Double the pleasure of gelling when you purchase this two-pack of 48 pens each. A total of 92 gel pens, keep one set and give the other as a gift. The vibrant colors create eye-popping drawings, sketches, and add an artistic touch to calligraphy. Being acid-free means they are safe for most types of crafts, and they last longer.

Boasting ultra-thin tips, these could be one of the best gel pens for writing, calligraphy, and creating fine lines are a breeze. They’ve been rated better than jelly roll pens and come complete with a handy storage tray. The ink may not be as fast-drying as others, but it doesn’t bleed and retains its color to produce beautiful work.

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top quality gel pen SETS Which are the best colorful gel pens for your artwork?

Deciding which set is the best gel ink pens for writing or crafting depends on the task. An avid scrapbooker would love the Tekwriter  gel pen sets due to their archival qualities that won’t damage precious memorabilia. The LolliZ gel pens have super tiny tips that make it easy to create legible works of art that stand out.

Gel Pens that write on Black Paper

Remember that gel pens that write on black paper and other darker surfaces are considerably more effective than any other medium due to the thicker jelly ink. And don’t forget the nifty storage cases that make using these pens even more fun. Before deciding where to buy gel pens from check out the sets on Amazon through the links to get a feel for the great variety available and the price range.

Enchanted-forest-johanna-basfordAdult colouring books are becoming more popular not just for the sheer fun of it but for the proven therapeutic and meditative properties they bring.  If you would like to try out your new colourful gel pen sets on an adult coloring book see 5 of the best adult books you can get in our review right here…