Which are the best brushes for acrylics, oils and watercolor painting?


5 of the best available brush sets for acrylic, oil and watercolor artists

Knowing how to choose a paint brush can be as confusing as learning calculus. There are so many different paint brushes to choose from, it’s difficult to tell them apart. The type of paint you’re using usually determines the type of brush needed – synthetic or natural.

So, what is a synthetic paint brush? It has bristles that are usually made out of nylon, polyester, or a combination of both which makes them great tools to use with either water- or oil-based paints.

Brushes with natural bristles made from animal hairs (usually pig or badger) can only be used for oil-based paints. If you’re wondering “What are the best brushes for acrylic painting?”, you just may find the answer here.

santa-fe-art-supply-best-quality-brush-setSanta Fe Art Supply Brush Set

Neatly spaced in pre-stitched individual slots, this set of 15 synthetic paint brushes produce professional results with oil, acrylic, watercolor, gouache, and even kid-friendly face paint. They are easy to use, each boasting 12-inch long wooden handles, which makes them perfect for beginner or professional artists. They range in size from 0.75 – 12 inches.

They endure a triple setting process that tightly binds the bristles so none will loosen during painting and get left behind on the canvas. Cleanup is a breeze – just rinse with water, and let air dry.

They are conveniently packaged in a portable canvas travel case that securely zips closed while it doubles as a pop-up brush stand. As a bonus, a free ¾ inch brush is included. There’s also a lifetime replacement warranty on all the brushes.

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key-creative-24-piece-premium-artists-bruch-setArtist Paint Brush Set with Free Storage Holder By Keyp Creative

This 24-piece set is perfect for oil, acrylic, and watercolor paint. The accompanying travel case has 12 slots that hold two brushes each, so it’s portable as well as compact.

There are eight nylon brushes, and 16 white bristle brushes with sizes ranging from 00 – 12. The long lightweight handles are just over nine inches long and are made from birch wood. Each brush has anti-shedding nylon bristles.

Designed to easily slide into the included roll-up canvas traveling case, just slip them into their slots knowing they are protected and organized. Secure the travel case with its velcro strap, and you’re ready to go.

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qaulity-art-supplies-36-brush-art-set36 Paint Brushes Art Set for Acrylic, Oil & Watercolors

The best paint brush for acrylic, oil, or watercolor just may be found in this set of 36 synthetic brushes that also comes with a free carrying case. The wooden handles are designated for a specific type of paint, so there’s no guess work.

For watercolors, the green-handled goat hair brushes glide effortlessly onto the canvas. The pine-wood handled hog’s hair brushes handle oil painting like a pro, and the brown-handled nylon brushes are the great for acrylic painting.

As a bonus, a how-to guide is included to provide instructions for maintaining the brushes plus a lifetime warranty.

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paint-brush-set-15-piece-free-travel-storage-pouch15pc Value Pack Long Wood Handled Kit from D’Artisan Shoppe.

These medium handmade brushes can be used for watercolors, oil, or acrylic painting. The 15 brushes come in a variety of shapes – round pointed tips, fanned, angled, and bright and flat brushes. The bristles are synthetic/nylon, and mimic sable and hog bristles for gentle and easy strokes that leave no unwanted hairs behind.

Made with beginners in mind, these brushes have a slightly larger head. While they could be used for any size painting, they seem to work best for larger projects where less fine lines are desired.

Sizes range from 0 – 11 and are clearly marked on each brush. The attractive black lightweight carrying case is ideal for storage and portability while keeping them securely housed and protected from damage. They’ll also throw in a bonus digital guide with tips for caring for the paintbrushes. There’s also a money-back guarantee if you wish to return the set.

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15-piece-2-pack-with-travel-holder-and-free-box2 Sets 15 Pc Art Brush Set Long-handle Artist Paintbrushes with Travel Holder

A little more expensive than the other sets we’ve listed, but that’s because the price includes two sets of 15 brushes that range in size from 0 – 12. Each set comes with its own distinctive, black, and nicely designed carrying case that morphs into a pop-up brush stand. Use these tapered brushes with acrylic, oil, watercolor, gouache, or even face painting. You’ll have a selection of lots of different paint brushes to choose from – fan, filbert, shader, bright, flat, angled, plus round and rigger shaped brushes. You’ll find that these brush strokes are smooth, light, and glide easily across the canvas.

The bristles are made with anti-shedding synthetic hair while the handles are long and ergonomically balanced to produce less hand fatigue. The larger brushes may require a bit more washing to remove the paint when switching colors, but that’s to be expected. While the smaller brushes can produce fine lines, this set seems to work better for projects with less intricate lines. For 30 brushes, two free gift boxes, and a one-year warranty, this set is truly worth the investment.

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brush-heads-variousSo which is the best set for your paint brush art?

Painting can be a relaxing and almost therapeutic experience, but not if you’re being sabotaged with poor quality paint and paint brushes. Find the set of the best paint brushes for acrylic, oil, or watercolor painting that makes you comfortable while delivering captivating results.

A beginner who is unsure of how to choose a paint brush could use any of the above, but perhaps the easiest to use would be the 15-piece set from the D’Artisan Shoppe with the larger bristle heads.

If you’re looking for a wide variety of different paint brushes at an affordable price, perhaps the 36 Paint Brushes Art Set for Acrylic, Oil & Watercolors would be a wise choice. You can choose from a wide range of sizes without being limited to a particular paint type. So, go ahead. Enjoy the journey of painting without the backlash that poor quality brushes can leave behind.

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