5 of the best soft chalk pastel brand sets

Sargent-Art-144-colored-square-chalk-pastels5 Highly rated  sets for artists who use chalk pastels

Chalk pastels have been popular with artists since the Renaissance. They can can add unbelievable vibrance of color to any artwork and blend beautifully in a way no other art medium can.  They are also a relatively cheap product and can produce some exquisite work.  We take a peek at five different chalk pastel sets that have been highly rated on Amazon by customers:


pro-art-square-artist-pastel-set-72-setPro Art Square Artist chalk Pastel Set, 72 Assorted Colors with a Wooden Box

With a large range of different colors you will be spoilt for choice.  The set is  well laid so that you can immediately see every pastel in secure slotted trays.  A sturdy wooden box keeps the pastels neat and easy to store and transport.  Customer satisfaction is really high on this set with 75% at 5 star rating – Amazon.

  • Deep rich colors
  • Great blending qualities
  • Dissolve and mix well when wet
  • Secure wooden box with individually slotted trays for each pastel
  • Great range of colors
  • Non toxic

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64-assorted-colors-square-chalkMungyo Non Toxic Soft Pastel Set of 64 Assorted Colors Square

A superb range of colors with this 64 chalk pastel set.  The set is packaged in a plastic slotted tray in groups of  color bandings.  Customer satisfaction is high with around 65% at 5 star rating – Amazon. 

  • Pure and vivid colors
  • Superb blending qualities
  • Soluble
  • Secure  individually slotted trays for each pastel
  • Great range of colors

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48-soft-drawing-chalk-pastelsPro Art – 48 Soft Drawing Chalk Pastels in Brilliant Assorted Colors

With a good range of 48 different colors this is the smaller unboxed version of the larger Pro Art pastel set.   An excellent pastel this is ideal for either a beginner or an artist who just wants the pastels without the container.  Customer satisfaction is high on this set with around 64% at 5 star rating – Amazon.

  • Excellent color pigment
  • Ideal beginner /student pack
  • Exceptional blend qualities
  • Dissolve and mix when wet
  • Great range of colors

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Loew-cornell-24-chalk-pastelsLoew-Cornell Chalk Pastels, 24-Count

A solid basic range of 24 different colors this is a real bargain when you see the unbelievable price.  This is a great bargain and ideal for beginners, students and established artists alike.  Customer satisfaction is high on this set with around 64% at 5 star rating – Amazon.

  • Great color range for a smaller set
  • Ideal for children or a beginner /student 
  • Good blend qualities
  • Dissolve and mix when wet
  • Exceptionally good value
  • Non toxic

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sargent-48-set-chalk-pastelsSargent Art  48 piece Colored Square Pastels

48 piece set of high quality chalk pastels including 2 whites, 2 blacks and skin tones.    There is a larger 144 set available with 6 x 24 colors if you are heavily into pastel work.  This is the most highly rated set with 95% of customers rating these at 4 star  or higher of which 86% are at a 5 star rating – Amazon).

  • Great color range for a medium size set with added blacks ,whites and the inclusion of skin tone.
  • Pastels are slightly softer than normal but blend superbly 
  • Dissolve and mix when wet
  • Exceptionally good value for the quality
  • Non toxic

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which-is-the-best-chalk-pastel-sets-to-buyConclusion – Which is the best available soft chalk pastel set to buy?

This all depends who it is for.  If you are a beginner it is probably a good idea to start with a good quality small set to test the water and we would advise you to get the Loew-Cornell Chalk Pastels, 24-Count.  

If on the other hand you are an experienced artists who knows how to handle pastels then the Sargent Art 48 piece Colored Square Pastels is a no brainer as it is rated so highly and if you opt for the 144 piece set it works out at minimal cost per pastel for a quality set.  

If you are looking for a gift then the Pro Art Square Artist chalk Pastel Set, 72 Assorted Colors with a Wooden Box is a very nice proposition that looks great in presentation with high quality pastels.

FAQ’s – chalk pastels

Q. What is chalk pastel / are soft pastels chalk?

A. Chalk pastels are sticks of color pigment contained in a chalk or gypsum based binding agent. Generally soft pastels would be chalk/gypsom based.

Q. What size are chalk pastels?

A. They can vary but generally around 25mm wide and between 25-50mm long

Q. What is the best paper for chalk pastels be used on?

A. The best is pastel paper which is designed to be used specifically with chalk pastels.  However you can still get excellent results with most types of paper but particularly ‘toothed’ paper i.e. slightly textured to allow more friction between the chalk pastel and paper surface.  Smooth paper should be avoided where possible as the pastel does not lay down the chalk pigment as effectively.

Q. Are pastels toxic particularly for children and pets?

A.  Generally chalk pastels are not toxic.  However you are always advised to check with either the sellers guidance notes or by contacting the seller on Amazon before making a purchase.  The manufacturer should display toxicity  information on the packaging.

Q. Can I mix chalk pastels to make other colors?

A. Yes – chalk pastels have a powdery consistency when applied to paper and blend well to create more colors.

Q.  Can I mix water with chalk pastels and paint with them?

A. Yes.  Unlike oil based pastels you can add water which will give you some great effects.

Q. Can I use watercolor paint/pencils and chalk pastels on the same artwork?

A.  Yes and you can get some really intense and vibrant colors when you add chalk pastels to a watercolor painting.  If you look at my article on the Welsh artist Dorian Spencer Davies he uses this technique to boost the vibrant colors in his cartoony style of painting.  He is an excellent example of artists who use pastels but in his case it is to enhance watercolor.

Q. Do chalk pastels cost a lot to buy?

A. No – when you work out the cost per pastel they are one of the cheapest art medium you can buy

Q. Can I use chalk pastels for street art?

A.  You could but chalk pastels are quite soft and wouldn’t go very far on a really rough surface such as brickwork or concrete.