Which are the best types of calligraphy pens in sets?

best types of calligraphy pensChoosing the best calligraphy nibs for beginners

If you are wondering how to learn calligraphy or want to improve you lettering for cartoon captions a good calligraphy pen is essential. We review five different sets across a range of calligraphy brands for beginners to established artists and cartoonists.

A set of calligraphy pens with different size nibs gives more scope to try out different styles and letter width. The five sets reviewed are all top rated pens with some of the best nibs for modern calligraphy in the price range.

Rotring-Artpen-11-piece-calligraphy-setRotring Art pen calligraphy set 

A great set with three nib sizes of 1.5mm, 1.9mm & 2.3mm – ideal for calligraphy, cartooning and illustration.  Rotring is a long established and well respected brand predominantly in the technical pen department.  

I had one of these pens as a gift over 20 years ago and still use the same pen regularly and it works as good as the day I had it.  

Very smooth, feeling great in hand this is a classy pen backed up with Rotring ink which is at the top of its game, a great asset to have for any artwork and lettering!  

The set comes with six Rotring ink cartridges, three interchangeable nibs. main barrel and secure push fit head cap. There is a portable stylish box to keep your pen set neat and secure and would make a superb gift for any artist.

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lamy-calligraphy-setLamy calligraphy art pen set with three interchangeable nibs

If you are serious about calligraphy this is a superb set.  After using the Lamy fountain pen and retractable pencil I decided to try out the calligraphy set.  

It looks good – writes like a dream and best of all feels superb in hand.  The barrel is specially shaped for prolonged use and the ergonomic design makes it feel as if the pen is an extension of your hand – sheer comfort with just the right grip.

The push fit head cap has the Lamy security clip which ensures you will never lose the pen when in your pocket.  There are three interchangeable nibs of 1.1mm, 1.5mm and 1.9mm.  The 1.1mm nib means that the pen doubles up as a fountain pen.

5 lamy ink cartridges come with the set and a guide book with drawing/writing tips is included.  The set is in a classy metal box that would make a superb gift for artists and makes the set easy to store and transport.  One of the best available calligraphy pen sets I have found. 

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Shaeffer-calligraphy-maxi-setSheaffer Calligraphy Maxi 3 pen kit

This is a substantial set with three nib sizes – fine, medium and broad.  The set includes three stylish fountain style pens each with a clear window in the barrel to see ink levels.

 There are  14 Skrip colored ink cartridges plus an aerometric converter so that you can refill straight from your own bottled ink.

An instruction manual is supplied with useful information.

On the downside this does not come with a storage box.  However this is a great starter kit for a beginner particularly with a nice range of colored ink cartridges.

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 staedler-33-piece-calligraphy-set-in-a-boxStaedler calligraphy pen set – 33 piece

This is another great starter set with four pens and five different screw on nibs.  There is a large range of colored inks including blue, black, orange, pink, green, brown and yellow.  

The cartridges are also supplemented with an aerometric converter so you can fill from an ink bottle rather than buying more cartridges.

The set is neatly packaged in a metal box which is easily stored and transported.  

This is a great little set for a beginner and pretty good value considering the amount you get for your money.

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Speedball-calligraphy-setUS Art Supply –  6 nib calligraphy set with 9″x12″ Calligraphy Pad – ideal if you are learning how to do calligraphy

Last but not least is the Speedball 6 nib calligraphy set with calligraphic practice paper pad included as a bundle.  

This is an ideal set for the beginner who wants to dabble with calligraphy without breaking the bank.  There is the option to buy the pen set on its own which makes it even more interesting if you just want to try calligraphy before buying a more expensive set.

It comes with the quill barrel and six interchangeable nibs c1, c2, c3, c4, 100 and 152 sizes. The speedball set differs from the other pens in this review as it is the only dip pen which means you will need to buy ink separately to dip the pen into.  

If you go for the pen set and pad bundle the US Art supply 9″ x 12″ pad includes calligraphic templates (printed rule and slanted grid) to guide and get you well on your way.  Basic but very highly rated and at a very good price point.

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lamy-pen-300x221So which are the best types of calligraphy pens for you?

If you are looking for class then there is only one set I would go for – the Lamy art calligraphy pen set.  It is a bit more pricey than the other contenders but it wins hands down from my own personal experience.  Stylish, so well shaped and balanced for sheer comfort with one of the best types of calligraphy nibs on the market.  

If you are looking for a no frills basic set then you can’t go wrong with the US Art Supply Speedball calligraphy pen set.  No nonsense, 6 nibs and very good value at low cost.

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