Best Markers For Coloring – Double Tipped for precision

super-markers-twin-tip-broad-liner-marker-set-100-unique-colorsWhen an artist is trying to convey their ideas through illustrations, they need the best markers for coloring to do it right.  Fluid movements, quality pigments, and the right type of tips are what deliver professional results. 

Adding dual-tip functionality to good markers transforms them into the best art markers you could ask for.  Making a variety of line thicknesses is an important part of any drawing.  Wide tips are great for thick lines while narrow tips create thin lines. 

The best markers for drawing that can do both have a tip at both ends. No more switching between markers.  Dual-tipped markers are like having twice the marker for half the price.  You’ll notice that you can draw faster and better when you have a pack of the best drawing markers you’ll love.


prismacolor-premier-double-ended-art-markers-fine-and-brush-tip-12-count Prismacolor Premier Double-Ended Art Markers, Fine and Brush Tip, 12-Count B007L4CZAG

For the artist who is just beginning, this 12-piece set could be the best art markers with which to start. 

One end has a wide tip while the opposite end has a fine tip.  The ink is evenly divided between both tips due to a single ink reserve.  Both ends are supplied equally so neither will dry up before the other. 

The alcohol-based ink is bright and fade resistant.  It’s also quick drying which eliminates the risk of smudging.  Markers tend to roll on tilted workspaces, but the anti-roll caps keep these in place.  As with any ink, there is the possibility of bleeding through thin paper.  Make sure to use paper of a heavy enough weight to handle ink drawings.


ohuhu-40-colors-dual-tips-art-sketch-twin-marker-pens-highlighters-with-carrying-caseOhuhu 40 Colors Dual Tips Art Sketch Twin Marker  B01H1NV1RE

Stock your artistic toolkit with forty markers you can use to color, draw, highlight, or blend.  The wide tip can color larger areas while the fine tip hits those tiny spots. 

Thick brush strokes or fine details won’t be out of reach as you draw, color, or sketch with them.  Perhaps the best drawing markers for the intermediate artist (or if you draw on the go), you can use them to draw fashion projects or highlight important instructions.

They glide easily over the paper, and work best on paper with a weight of 12gsm or higher.  The ink adheres smoothly and dries quickly.  Each marker is easily identified since they have color-coded caps. 

Zip them up in the included chic carrying case and take them with you.  Or tie a bow around it and give as a gift.


super-markers-twin-tip-broad-liner-marker-set-100-unique-colorsSuper Markers Twin-Tip Broad-Liner Marker Set-100 Unique Colors B01HSMTG7A

Get ready for a world of possibilities with this 100 double-tipped marker set. 

Enjoy the plethora of colors contained in the non-toxic ink that glides across the paper from both tips.  Wide brush strokes provide bold lines as the thin tip adds finer lines to soften your sketches.  

Since the ink is water-based, they’re free of chemicals and dry with a smoother feel than other ink.  It’s also acid free which possibly makes them the best art markers for children to use.  

The caps twist on and off so little fingers may have a bit of difficulty removing them. Store them in the included cardboard display box with precut holes for each marker. 

If you want to draw, sketch, or color with as few chemicals as possible, you’ll enjoy using this set.



copic-premium-artist-markers-72-color-setCopic Premium Artist Markers – 72 color Set B000MRR41E

Nothing lasts forever, except this set of 72 markers.  With refillable ink reserves and replaceable tips, you’ll never have to throw these markers away. 

The alcohol-based ink comes in an abundant array of brilliant colors.  Since it’s non-toxic and acid-free, you can focus on creating art rather than hurting the environment. 

The colors can be blended and layered using both the fine and wide tips.  Both ends have color-coded caps that are easily seen through the transparent carrying box. 

This set just may be the best coloring markers available to artists who appreciate a nice return on their investment. 

They are a bit more expensive than some other sets.  But they last indefinitely and deliver high quality results for which professional artists strive.



kuretake-zig-twin-tip-marker-clean-color-f-24-color-setKuretake Zig Twin Tip Marker Clean Color F, 24 Color Set B00UMQIGQM

The best drawing markers for people who love the feel of sharpies and smooth-gliding felt pens are finally here. 

These 24 markers are versatile enough to be used for drawing, coloring, and even jotting down an entry in a journal.  Comic book creators can use one tip to draw a character and the other to insert a caption.  Crafters can write on the back of a photo without fear of damaging the picture. 

Blend and layer the ink to create your own unique colors.  The water-based ink is acid-free, xylene-free, and has no odor.  Once dry, it resists smudging like a champ. 

Store them in the clear plastic box they’re shipped in, and slip them into your bag or purse.  Add a sketch pad and you’re set to capture all the images the world has to offer.


best markers for coloringChoose the best markers for coloring that make drawing fun

You want to use the best drawing markers you can get when it comes to your artwork.  The best ideas are useless if you’re using the wrong tools. 

A set of high quality markers can give you outstanding results.  But a set of dual-tipped markers can deliver incomparable results that will impress everyone. 

For a beginner, the best markers for coloring may be the 12-piece Prismacolor Premier Double-Ended Art Markers. It’s a terrific starter set using primary colors that lets you work on blending, experimenting with large brush strokes, and perfecting fine lines. 

For the more advanced, the Super Markers Twin-Tip Broad-Liner Marker Set  gives top-quality results that are also eco-friendly.  Since they lack the usual chemicals found in ink, you can share them with the kids.  Regardless of the type you use, have fun with your art. 

Choose a set of the best markers for coloring you’ll enjoy using almost as much as you enjoy drawing.

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