Make your own art prints – what equipment do you need?

Make your own art prints preparing to assembleIf you are just starting to sell your artwork and decide to make your own art prints, it may be worth buying in small amounts until you have established your market. You can still make good money even when sourcing smaller amounts of stock and it takes the expense and risk out of the equation.

In my article Making prints of your art to sell – how to present and package I discussed the method I use to mount cartoons in picture mats and mail them to customers.  To get your artwork in a picture mat requires basic equipment and supplies and in this post I list out what you will require linked to available products.

Pre cut picture mats for framing

Make your own art prints double single picture matsPicture mats (or mounts) are normally made from colored card with an aperture that sits directly above the picture in the frame.  

It gives a clean cut border to finish off the picture.  There are single mounts and double mounts which as the name suggests are two mounts with the aperture of the front mat cut slightly smaller that the back. I use double picture mats as I believe it gives the artwork a nicer finish and a more professional edge.

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Make your own art prints backing boardBacking boards

If you are selling your prints in a frame you can get away with not having backing board.  You will need to assemble your artwork and picture mat with backing board if you are selling without a frame.  It would not look very appealing for the customer without it.

Backing boards seal in the artwork, giving a smart clean finish which looks great front and back!  Backing boards are relatively cheap in the big scheme of things and come ready sized for standard sized print mats.

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Double sided tape

double sided tape for picture franingDouble sided tape is used to secure the picture mat and backing board together.  This is an alternative to using a glue gun and can be more accurate as hot glue sets really quickly.  You can take as much time as you like to with double sided tape.

If you would prefer to use a glue gun see my review of 5 highly rated glue guns on

Double sided tape for assembling Picture mats and backing board should be quite narrow in width and easy to peel the backing paper.

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cello bags for selling artworkCellophane bags ‘Cello Bags’

Cello’ bags are a great way to display and sell your artwork.  The are clear, clean and sterile so both sides of the art can be viewed and it is kept in pristine condition.  Cello bags are easy to seal with a pull off tape over a glued overlapping seal.  This can be re-opened and re-sealed if necessary.

The only consideration is that the cello’ bag size should match the picture mat size so it is a great fit.

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art work mailer box wrapsBox mailers for pictures and framed pictures

Shipping your artwork needs to be done with robust packaging to ensure the customer receives the prints in perfect condition.  Padded envelopes are not advised as they (and the contents) will bend easily in transit.  I have used rigid wrap arounds and box mailers and have had not one single complaint.  They are relatively inexpensive and the cost can be incorporated into the shipping charge to the customer.

See the options and prices of box mailers here.

bubble wrap rolls art work mailer protectionBubble wrap for added shipping protection

I always add a single sheet of bubble wrap around the artwork just to give added protection and to prevent any unecessary movement within the box.

Bubble wrap can be purchased in a variety of width and length on rolls.  Bubbly wrap is light and very easy to handle.  You don’t have to add additional protection but for me the small oinvestment is worth the peace of mind!

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